Does this sound familiar?

Your learner has scores of grammar tables...

but does not know how to use them

Your learner has been told to memorise

long lists of words and endings

Your learner just cannot understand

how it all fits together

They have covered everything in class...

but they are still overwhelmed

Example of practical examples of uses of the accusative

Let me introduce my course

Latin can be explained simply and easily through practical examples. I have created this course to guide students personally as they consolidate their knowledge of the language and become fluent readers.

The course has been devised with the OCR examination board in mind, but students revising for iGCSE and WJEC will also find their grammar explained and questions answered.

It is possible to just "get" the grammar and use the vocabulary effectively in order to not only ace the exam but also enjoy the language as much as I do.

Does Latin really need to be that difficult?

Latin is often presented as an analytical challenge, a puzzle that must be solved.

But Latin is a language, not a puzzle, and everyone can learn it if it is not overcomplicated.

With this course, I want students to have access to simple explanations that they can apply to practical examples, and to have their questions answered without fluff so they can focus on what really matters.

Course Contents

  1. Revision Checklist
  2. Vocabulary for grammar revision
  3. Parts of speech
  4. Uses of the cases - and they test you on them
  5. The degrees of the adjective
  6. Prepositions and cases
  7. Giving order in Latin
  8. Subordination and Coordination
  9. Uses of the subjunctive
  10. The participles and the ablative absolute
  11. The gerundive
  12. The passive
  13. Exam style question practice
  14. Bonus materials added regularly on request

About me

As a fully qualified teacher of Classics and former Head of Department, I have helped hundreds of students reach their goals.

I have myself learnt five foreign languages, using both communicative and traditional methods, and I know well the hurdles and how to overcome them.

My students can contact me at any time for support, and I am constantly updating my methods and including new resources in my courses to respond to their needs.

I succeed at teaching Latin because I know the language and the exams inside out: and I know that you too can learn Latin!

This course is not for you if

  • you are starting Latin from scratch
  • you are only looking for grammar tables
  • you want to follow a reading only course

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